Eclipse: Defending the Motherland Arrives on HTC Vive

    It wasn’t long ago that it was announced that the virtual reality (VR) title, Eclipse: Defending the Motherland, was planning on releasing soon on Steam. Now the frst version of Eclipse: Defend the Motherland has arrived with a selection of features with intention to grow in new versions.

    In this latest released version, Eclipse: Defending the Motherland has three playable levels that those who purchase the videogame will enjoy, as well as a selection of three guns as weapons, as well as the Endless game mode, which still hasn’t been completely detailed but it implies an endless stream of enemies that the player will have to consistantly defend against.

    Eclipse: Defending the Motherland is an alien FPS where you will go against various enemies from swams of scorpions to chunky aliens ready to attack. The title is room scale, and puts the player to the full test of physical dodging and movement while trying to shoot and survive in space. The title originally was intended for the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) but on the current Steam Store page it fails to mention the head-mounted display (HMD).

    In future versions the developers hope to bring a fourth level with a climactic boss fight that most videogame designs possess, as well as other features that the developers may either be teasing or bluffing about with the second point being “And so on…”.

    This title is currently available on Steam Store and is free to play, and there was also an update on the latest patch that fixes the bugs for making the Vive controller brighter in the main menu, as well as to stop guns shooting while changing your weapon.

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