Dashbon Mask Available for Pre-Order

    It seems that the design of the Avegant Glyph has caught the attention of hardware developers and has proved popular. Now that tech developer company Dashbon has released its own cinematic glasses which are available for pre-orders, the Doshbon Mask.

    It may look ultra-futuristic or like your headphones have fallen down, but Dashbon Mask is a mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD) which can be utilised as a wearable movie theatre with audio included. It is suitable for those who even wear glasses with its specially designed adjustments, and it can also be used just as a pair of headphones with its singular cable connecting to your mobile device.

    The inclusion of sound and it being a pair of headphones doesn’t take away from the visual quality of the HMD, as it ensures 1080p HD resolution. The headset can run for four hours and charges through a USB port.

    Pre-orders are currently available online, and for more news and updates on hardware releases and all things VR stay with VRFocus.