Crytek Releases First Dev Diary For PlayStation VR Launch Title Robinson: The Journey

    This seems to be a popular theme with some of the bigger developers in virtual reality (VR), and rightly so with the quickly forming audience that the PlayStation VR is forming – dev diaries. Not just singular videos or collections of random thoughts, but a series of themes that include the whole team’s input. This is exactly what Crytek is starting for its PlayStation VR launch title, Robinson: The Journey.

    The official statement that comes along with this dev diary release is: “With development for Robinson: The Journey in full swing, Crytek sent Robinson developers to the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt to discuss VR, the inspiration behind the game, and dinosaurs. Robinson was built from the ground-up for VR, and the possibilities the medium offers were key in driving the team’s development choices while creating this first-person sci-fi adventure game.”

    “It ticks off all the sci-fi boxes,” said Producer Elijah Freeman at the end of the statement. “It has an alien planet, dinosaurs, and robots. You can’t get a better game than that.”

    The first of the series can be viewed below, and we will continue to report on the upcoming dev diary posts.

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