Cloudlands Dev Has 2 More Projects for HTC Vive Launch

    Earlier in the year VRFocus shared a trailer for a new virtual reality (VR) title named Cloudlands: VR Minigolf from Futuretown. The project is on its way to the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) in time for the system’s launch in April 2016. However, it appears that this isn’t all the developer is planning for HTC and Valve’s device in the near future. The studio also has another two projects that are aiming to serve as launch titles for the Steam VR supported device.

    The first of these is Jeeboman, which is described as a Room Scale VR retro arcade shooter. Here players will defend a city against an alien invasion using the HTC Vive’s position tracked controllers to wield unique, futuristic weapons. Enemies appear to be mechanical constructs, with players eventually heading into their mothership to take the fight to them.

    The second title is a space shooter named A-10 VR. This is another first-person experience in which the player wields guns, but Futuretown has stressed that it was developed with first-time VR users in mind. That said, it also states that more experienced VR fans will find it fun to master the mechanics.

    Trailers for both projects can currently be seen below. Keep reading VRFocus for the latest from Futuretown and all other VR developers.


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