Chronos Dev Hires Mafia III Writer to Create ‘Branching’ Storyline

    Oculus VR is preparing a strong line-up of exclusive videogames for its Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) next year. Among the list of developers is Gunfire Games, formed from the remains of Darksiders developer Vigil Games. The team appears to be sticking close to dark fantasy with its upcoming VR action-RPG title, Chronos, though little of the story has been revealed. New details have surfaced this week, however, as Gunfire Games has hired Dan Jolley as the lead writer for the project.

    Jolley’s credits include co-writing Dying Light (which itself might see VR support) and the upcoming Mafia III as well as original graphic novel, LARP!. He’ll now work on the story for Chronos, which Gunfire Games has confirmed will feature a ‘branching’ aspect to it as the player character enters an ancient labyrinth to defeat an evil dragon and free his land. As the developer has already revealed, the protagonist only has one attempt at besting the dungeon every year, and will become older with each failed attempt. According to the team, growing older will make the character ‘a wiser and more seasoned warrior’.

    Chronos‘ narrative directly affects gameplay. As the character ages, they become a wiser and more seasoned warrior, learning from past mistakes and from the exploration of the caverns, ruins and tombs,” said David Adams, Gunfire Games CEO. “It also means that players’ strategies will change as their characters grow older.”

    It’s not yet clear if Chronos will be among the launch videogames for the Oculus Rift or if it might arrive a little later on than that Q1 2016 window. Other teams working on content for the device including Insomniac Games with its upcoming adventure, Edge of Nowhere, and The Order: 1886 studio Ready at Dawn, which is yet to fully announce its own project.

    VRFocus will continue to follow Chronos closely, reporting back with the latest updates from the title.


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