PTGui 9.1.9 released

We've just released PTGui version 9.1.9! Although it's a small update it does bring a few useful new features: Panoramas can now be geotagged directly in PTGui. Click on the Metadata button in the Create Panorama tab to open the new ...

Producing panoramics of artworks

Factum Arte just published an interesting writeup of their workflow for producing extremely high resolution images of artworks: read more...

PTGui 9.1 released

Today we've released version 9.1 of PTGui and PTGui Pro. Several handy new features have been added in this release:

The new Align to Grid tool makes it easy to stitch gigapixel panoramas using a motorized panoramic head. Also, image alignment for wide angle images (and fisheye images in particular) has been improved. Further there are lots of usability improvements such as more context menus, a new 'ghost cursor' and the ability to generate control points in a rectangular area.

For an overview of the new features see What's new in PTGui 9.1.

To download the new version choose Help -> Check for Updates or see the Download page.

Video Tutorial

We've created a video tutorial to help new users get started using PTGui!The tutorial is split into two parts: first we give an overview of PTGui and show how to best take the photos for a panorama. In the second part we show how th...

Creating Night Panoramas

Eric Harness of Star Circle Academy has written a nice tutorial on creating night time panoramas with star circles: Creating a Night Pano

Last space shuttle flights is currently showing unique panoramas and photos of the final missions of the space shuttles Atlantis and Endeavour. The final space shuttle flight STS-135 is set for launch in July 2011 - view the panorama gallery.

Japan Pano Journalism

The Japan Pano Journalism project aims to document the effects of the march 2011 earthquake and the following tsunami in panoramas. The panoramas are taken by Akila Ninomiya, a Japanese panorama photographer and show the devastating effects of...

World’s largest indoor photograph

Jeffrey Martin of just stitched world's largest indoor photograph! Taken in the Strahov monastery in Prague, Czech Republic, the 3000 image, 40 gigapixel panorama is so detailed that you can read the titles of the books in the massiv...

Video tutorials

Florian Knorn of has posted an excellent series of video tutorials to YouTube on shooting a spherical panorama using a fisheye lens: Part 1: shooting the images Part 2: developing the images Part 3: stitching in PTGui

PTGui 9.0 released!

Version 9.0 of PTGui and PTGui Pro is now available for download. This is a major upgrade with several great new features. PTGui Pro now includes a Mask tool. Further the new Detail Viewer window enables zooming in the live preview. And there's a new Publish to Web tool to show panoramas on your website using the bundled Flash 10 / HTML 5 viewer.

For an overview of the new features see What's new in PTGui 9.

Also a new tutorial is available: Masking in PTGui Pro

To download the new version choose Help -> Check for Updates or see the Download page.

2011 MINI Cooper commercials

PTGui Pro was used in the production of two commercials for the new 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman. All but 3 of the 317 vehicles seen in the spot are computer generated; PTGui Pro was used to create the HDRI environment maps used fo...

ICCI 360 Festival, Plymouth (UK)

The University of Plymouth will be organizing the ICCI 360 festival from Monday 13th to Saturday 18th September 2010. The ICCI 360 Festival arena consists of a huge 21 metre diameter dome incorporating a 62m x 6m high projection screen and a large performance space which uses cutting edge technology with surround sound and high resolution projection facilities to provide a fantastic immersive 360°, panoramic, digital experience.

More information: ICCI 360 Festival 2010