After several months of beta testing PTGui 10 is now officially released!

The most important change is entirely under the hood and has been under development for over two years:
PTGui 10 features a new stitching engine, rebuilt from scratch to get the best peformance on modern hardware.
On computers with a recent graphics card (GPU) the new stitcher uses OpenCL for GPU acceleration, but regular
CPU stitching performance has been significantly improved as well. For certain projects we’ve seen
up to 10 times faster stitching compared to the previous version!

To complement the Publish to Website tool, PTGui 10 includes a spherical panorama viewer for local viewing. Spherical
panoramas can now be viewed from PTGui without the need to install third party software. The viewer is a standalone tool: it
can view any equirectangular panorama in TIFF or JPEG format stored on your computer.

Finally the Pro version includes a new tone mapper. The new tone mapper is easy to configure and gives very natural
looking results. The tone mapper can now be enabled even for non-HDR panoramas, improving the quality of panoramas of high contrast

For an overview of the new features see What’s new in PTGui 10.
See the version history for a detailed list changes.

To download the new version choose Help -> Check for Updates or see the
Download page.

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