C.S.S Citadel VR Seeks Steam Greenlight Support

    If you like your virtual reality (VR) videogames to have sci-fi environments, survival elements, and escape-the-room style puzzles to solve then you’ll probably be interested in C.S.S Citadel VR, a title featuring all of these things that’s seeking Steam Greenlight support.

    C.S.S Citadel VR is a title that’s been developed specifically for the HTC Vive and the story behind it is that you, the player, find yourself trapped inside the largest space station ever built. It then becomes your mission to find an escape route from the space station, solving all kinds of numerical and environmental puzzles to do so, all the while fighting to survive a war that’s taking place between two factions who are fighting to seize control of the space station. The developer says that they have created a demo for the title which is the first chapter of what will be a much longer adventure.

    C.S.S Citadel VR has been developed with VRIS 5.0 and the developer promises an immersive VR experience with plenty of interactive elements such as climbing rope and ladders; picking up and throwing objects as well as forcing interactions between them; interacting with holograms and computers that include a PPU on your arm; and using levers.

    The Steam Greenlight page for the title has a trailer which gives a glimpse of how the interactive elements of the videogame will look and work as well as a peek at the space station.

    VRFocus will continue to follow C.S.S Citadel VR’s campaign and report back with developments as they happen.