Omega Agent Discounted in Flash Sale on Gear VR

    It’s been a while since Oculus VR had a flash sale for content on the Samsung Gear VR. This week sees the limited time offer return for one of the earliest titles on the platform, and the first from Fireproof Games, Omega Agent.

    Available with a 33 percent discount for just 48 hours, the offer will only be available until 23rd June 2016, 10am PT. This isn’t the first time Omega Agent has featured in a sale as Oculus VR held a winter sale in January 2016 along with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes from Steelcrate Games, Coatsink Games’ Esper and E McNeill’s Darknet, Evil Robot Traffic Jam, Twisted RealmsDaydream BlueBandit Six: SalvoBazaar and Dead Secret.

    A first-person experience, in Omega Agent you are challenged with taking down UFOs in a stylised but dense cityscape. Your jet pack comes equipped with several weapons to shoot down enemies as well as boost and braking functionality, stopping you from slamming into buildings. There’s timed goals to achieve as you aim to gain a full 3 stars, rising through the ranks of the spy elite to become the ultimate spy attain the top accolade of ‘Omega Agent’.

    Fireproof Games not only supports Gear VR with Omega Agent. With the launch of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs) the title has also been ported to both. The Rift received its version on launch day while Vive got its port in May.

    The Samsung Gear VR has now been available as a consumer project for eight months now, getting weekly content updates that range from videogames, to 360-degree video experiences and apps. These flash sales are likely to continue as the system nears its first anniversary and older content starts to become superceded.

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