Battlezone to Be Featured on Rebellion’s Twitch Stream

    Twitch is often associated with the streaming of popular games by fans but now it is quite often than not that developers and studios take to the live game stream to preview gameplay, connect with fans, and announce latest news and updates in a more personal way, the latest example being the announcement of World War Toons now becoming a free-to-play title by Reload Studios. Rebellion, the studio who has revamped the classic arcade tank shooter title, Battlezone, has announced that it will be streaming its virtual reality (VR) title live and will also be featuring giveaways later this week.

    The Elite Sniper developers posted on Twitter earlier today with a tweet to advertise the livestreaming event on Twitch where gameplay of the videogame will be showcased. As well as the streaming of the Battlezone, there will be a chance for viewers to acquire some giveaways and prizes from the devs to will feature on the live stream, although what exactly the prizes are it has not been confirmed.

    The gameplay can presumably be expected to be of the newest version of Battlezone which was announced and talked about not too long ago, which features a brand new cockpit set-up which allows a more immersive and informative layout compared to the previous; new maps which vary from the neon cyber stage that has been showcased primarily, including different terrain such as a snowy field; and new enemies with different weaker points that require strategic gameplay to defeat.

    The livestream of the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) title will start this Wednesday 11th May at 6pm GMT, which works out to be 1pm ET, or 10am PT. The stream can be watched via Rebellion’s official Twitch account page.

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