Bandit Six: Salvo to be a Consumer Gear VR Launch Title

    Virtual reality (VR) fans are looking forward to one of the first true consumer head-mounted display (HMD) releases next month from Samsung and Oculus VR. The pair will be releasing the consumer version of the Gear VR, just under a year after the first Innovator’s Edition went on sale, aimed largely at developers and enthusiasts. The new kit doesn’t bring about any drastic feature upgrades, but there will hopefully still be a healthy launch line-up for the device. One title that will be a part of that line-up is Climax Studios’ Bandit Six: Salvo.

    Producer Pamela Peterson confirmed as much in a recent interview with VRFocus that will be published in full later on in the week. Peterson noted that the title would be a part of the launch line-up for the device when it arrives at some point in November 2015. A specific launch date for the consumer Gear VR is yet to be announced, although Samsung has confirmed it will be out before Black Friday on 27th November in the US, and shortly afterwards in other territories. The device will be priced at just $99 USD and work with all of Samsung’s 2015 smartphones.

    Bandit Six: Salvo is a colourful, cell shaded World War 2-era first-person shooter (FPS) experience in which players operate a number of turrets. Set across a number of locations, players will defend areas from a range of different enemy types, switching between different types of turrets. Aiming is controlled using the Gear VR’s head-tracking technology, while firing is a simple as tapping on the touchpad. Changing between turrets can also be done by swiping on the pad. It’s predecessor, Bandit Six, is already available for Gear VR owners to play.

    VRFocus will continue to follow Bandit Six: Salvo, reporting back with the latest updates on the project.


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