ZOTAC Announces First VR PC Backpack

    Virtual reality (VR) ready PCs and laptops have picked up in popularity, and you can’t search for a high-end desktop without seeing ‘VR-ready’ tagged to it, but there is no denying that PCs are much more equipped and suitable for VR than laptops yet they are not as versatile. ZOTAC is now trying to eliminate the need to choose between laptops and PCs with the announcement of its portable ZOTAC ZBOX Mini PC.

    The Hong Kong-based PC developers have essentially created a VR PC backpack with the aim to cease wire tangling and tripping now that VR users don’t have to be connected to a stationary desktop. ZOTAC’s “world’s most powerful VR ready Mini PC” backpack will feature ZOTAC’s flagship compact computer and will have a full line up of GeForce(R) GTX 970, 980, and 980 Ti graphics cards and is designed for long term comfort.

    It’s not clear when the backpack is available for purchase or how much it will be but for the latest updates check back with VRFocus.