YouVisit COO: “Brands are Starting to see VR as a Powerful Marketing Tool”

    Some of the worlds biggest global companies are already involved with and promoting virtual reality (VR) technology. Firms like Google, Facebook and Samsung have all helped to bring VR into the mainstream conciousness. Marketing firms are also seeing the potential benefits of using the immersive media for their clients.

    “Brands are starting to see virtual reality as a powerful marketing tool, enabling consumers to better interact with a brand and experience a product or service before purchase,” said Endri Tolka, co-founder and COO of YouVisit reports Luxury Daily.

    “The growing popularity of VR has a lot to do with the tool’s ability to create a strong emotional bond with consumers. For the past several years, brands have relied on social media to cultivate this bond, but are now finding it difficult to rise above the static. Through early VR adoption, brands have realized they can create these emotional bonds, while also differentiating themselves from their competitors. Additionally, now that Facebook and YouTube support 360-degree VR experiences, brands have more incentive to adopt this new technology.”

    Brands like Dewar’s Scotch Whisky, Nescafe, Patron and Stella Artois have already been utilising the technology to promote their brands and products in  more eye catching ways as the technology expands into new industries.

    “When Facebook entered the market with its $2 billion purchase of Oculus, the industry did a collective head turn, finally taking notice of VR as a potential platform for entertainment, marketing and more,” said Tolka. “Adoption of immersive content will grow as the hardware gets less costly and more consumers buy into it.”

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