White Elk Studios’ Eclipse Confirmed for PlayStation VR

    Back in December 2014 VRFocus reported that Jonathan Hawkins, a former member of God of War developer Sony Santa Monica, had established his own indie studio and was working on a virtual reality (VR) project named Eclipse. VRFocus has since gone hands-on with the sci-fi exploration title and come away impressed, but it’s never been clear exactly what platforms it would be coming to. Today, however, White Elk Studios is ready to confirm that Eclipse will be coming to the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4.

    Hawkins himself made the announcement over on the PlayStation Blog. Eclipse is a first-person experience that’s set on a sentient planet. Players will set about exploring this planet and its grim history after crash-landing. Early on players will find the Artifact, a mysterious device that lets them control elements of the world around them. They must then use the powers granted to them to escape the planet.

    Fans of PlayStation VR will know that early experiments with prototypes for the tech included a VR adaption of God of War III, which Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Shuhei Yoshida himself described sampling as the defining moment he knew the technology would work. Hawkins also got to experience that demo, which helped him to make the decision to form a VR studio.

    “It reminded me of the first time I played Doom, a game that recreated 3D environments and teleported me to a new world,” Hawkins explained. “It blew my mind! I knew from that moment back in 1993 that making games was what I wanted to do. To create worlds, where I could explore my imagination coming to life and share it with others. For me, VR is the next step. It immerses the player even further into the fantastic worlds we create.”

    He also confirmed that Eclipse will be playable at the PlayStation Experience in San Francisco this weekend. VRFocus itself will be at the event, bringing you the latest updates on all PlayStation VR compatible titles.


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