What's at the end of Iona Beach Jetty?

Location: Iona Beach Regional Park – Richmond, British Columbia
Temperature: 17 Degrees dropping to 15 Degrees when we left.
Wind Speed: 20km/h

This was a 1-hour walk in and 1-hour walk out. With few stops to hydrate my little pup and some snacks.

If you decide to go on this trail, please wear proper shoes, bring water and snack for your little ones. It takes a lot of mental and physical determination to do this.

Xenos is 10 years old and 12lbs.
He couldn’t make it for the last 2 kilometers. We had occasional stops for him to rest a little and rehydrate. We checked him to ensure that he was healthy to go this far. He also ate a few snacks on the way. He also suffered minor issues with a little bleeding on his paws, but cleaned up immediately when we arrived home.

Xenas is 9 years old and 5lbs.
Majority of the time she was actually held by my wife. This is not the best trek for a 5lb dog.

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