Webby Awards Adds Three Further VR Categories

    Last week VRFocus reported on the 20th annual Webby Awards featuring a ‘Virtual Reality: Gaming, Interactive or Real-Time (Online Film & Video)’ category with five experiences nominated. Now it’s been revealed the awards will also include three further categories dedicated to virtual reality (VR).

    The nominees cover a wide range of VR experiences from serious documentaries like The Displaced and Inside Syria to more interactive titles like Can You Walk The Walk?, a promotional piece for the recent film The Walk.

    Below is the full list of categories and their nominations:

    Virtual Reality: Cinematic or Pre-Rendered (Branded Entertainment)

    Toms Virtual Giving Trip

    Stella Artois: Buy a Lady a Drink

    Bode’s Echo: A Virtual Reality Experience

    Can You Walk the Walk?  Virtual Reality Experience

    Discovery VR


    Virtual Reality: Cinematic or Pre-Rendered (General Film)

    Dreams of Dalí

    Take Flight

    New York Times, The Displaced

    Orchestra VR

    ABC News VR: Inside Syria


    Virtual Reality: Gaming, Interactive or Real-Time (General Film)

    Regis Virtual Reality Tour

    Truffle Pig – An Oculus Experience

    CNN & VR at the Democratic Debate

    The Unknown Photographer

    Way to Go

    All nominees will be up for two awards, the first is the Webby Award itself chosen by a panel of judges and IADAS members. While the second is put to a public vote called the People’s Voice Awards which is open to 21st April.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of the Webby Awards, reporting back with any further updates.