Waves Audio Launches Immersive Audio Software Crowdfunding Campaign

    The virtual reality (VR) industry has seen some pretty impressive crowdfunding campaigns, with one of the most successful being OSSIC’s headphones that are currently getting ready to be shipped out. Now Waves Audio is launching its own Kickstarter campaign to fund its panoramic audio software, Waves Nx.

    Waves Nx applies panoramic audio imaging to stereo headphones, making it so that you don’t need to purchase specialty headphones to enjoy 3D sounds which is ever important in the world of VR and augmented reality (AR). The way in which Waves Nx achieves recreating on headphones the same sounds we experience in the world is through head tracking, therefore allowing the headphones to recreate dynamic and variable experiences. The sound shifts from left to right, creating a 3D audio space.

    The main applications for Waves Nx are movies, television, videogaming, music, and even voice chats or conversations, and the developers are aiming to make each of them as real as the world around you. Waves Audio shows understanding in how we perceive sound in the real world, saying “In the real world, you hear everything through both ears – with a little time delay between them. This helps your brain construct a three-dimensional acoustic image of the space around you.”

    Waves Audio has only recently started up its Kickstarter campaign, and with 38 days to go it has already reached over a quarter of its $200,000 USD goal, and has already received the ‘Projects We Love’ tag from Kickstarter itself, showing the website’s respect for the project. The headphones are set to ship in September time according to the rewards section of the campaign’s page, and the app and headphones will be marked at $598.

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