Watch Ghost Machine Host an In-Depth Talk on ‘The VR Tipping Point’

    If there’s any developer that’s fully committed to virtual reality (VR) it’s surely Ghost Machine, the studio behind a wide range of upcoming VR projects such as Endless Dead, Warhawks and Invasion Force. The Austin-based company is working with the likes of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs) to produce VR-infused takes of classic genres and experiences that are inspired by classic action movies and more. The studio is well equipped to talk about VR to others, than, and recently did just that at a Video Game Makers Unite! event.

    The video below is of Ghost Machine’s ‘The VR Tipping Point’ at the event on June 11th 2015 and offers plenty of tips on VR development and the industry’s current climate.

    An official description for the video reads: “This month our guest speaker, Neal Nellans, CEO and founder of the Austin-based VR Studio Ghost Machine (, will talk about how this recent news affects the independent developer, and how gamemakers both seasoned and noob may be able to take advantage of this new technology as well a possible target game content and markets which might be the most successful to pursue in the future. Neal has been there since the beginning and knows both the promises and perils of developing and distributing video games in VR’s unchartered waters.”

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