War Thunder Unleashes Firestorm 1.53 Update

    Last month War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment, the Russian studio behind the popular virtual reality (VR) supporting WWI MMO announced forthcoming updates to its graphics package, Dagor Engine 4.0. Now, as part of an update known as ‘Firestorm’ (taking its name from the rocket launch vehicles that are a part of the update) which brings the game to version 1.53 the visual benchmark has been raised. This also includes new maps and unit additions added to the game whilst improvements have also been made to destructibility effects.

    The latter is improved in part by the incorporation into the engine of NVIDIA GameWorks technologies, allowing, through the use of NVIDIA PhysX Destruction, larger destructible objects within War Thunder. Other graphical upgrades will be seen in water effects which will now also take into account the direction and strength of the wind blowing across the map.

    Commenting on the changes, Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev noted “War Thunder is a multiplayer game available on several different platforms, so we can’t limit new tech only to PC-users or owners of powerful GPUs. These new features aren’t just about improved visuals only, but affect gameplay as well. For example, if one player destroys a wall or entire building, it should vanish for all other players in the same battle. Likewise, water and waves not only look spectacular, but also interfere with landing and taking off for hydroplanes. The team at Gaijin is very proud of the NVIDIA GameWorks integration in War Thunder, and it works for every user regardless of platform or PC specs.”

    You can see the effects in action in the update trailer below:

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