Wander Eerie Corridors in Insane Decay of Mind on Vive and Rift

    When playing in first person in virtual reality (VR) the main aim of the videogame is to fully immerse the player in a world that they can explore, with VR hangouts being an incredibly popular theme. However, Insane Decay of Mind, however, immerses the player in a world of insanity and dread in this first person horror title now out on Steam.

    Insane Decay of Mind enters the player into the eyes of Katherine, a young girl lost in what she thinks is her school, wandering the hallways of the building which turn into a labrinth which slowly warps her, and in turn the player’s, mind. In order to regain freedom Katherine must escape, avoiding beings dubbed Shadows which are manifestations of your worst nightmares. Despite there being a fair amount of warning regarding the use of warped reality and horror in VR, this title embraces the fears anxiety that comes from this genre.

    The developers explain the use of ‘insanity’ in the title of the videogame, saying: “Insanity is undoubtedly the main element: represented by the Shadow, it will encompass the entire story, haunt every frame, perhaps even disturb you own mind. It is from insanity, from foolishness, that the decay of mind begins.”

    The first person horror title is currently available on Steam at a discounted price of £1.69 GBP, 15% off of the original price which is £1.99, and this promotion will end next week on 13th May. The title is available on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMD), but as well as the headsets the player is required to also use a keyboard and mouse to play the videogame.

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