Vuzix’s AR and VR iWear Headset Now Supports SteamVR

    Vuzix has announced the integration of its augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) of Valve’s SteamVR driver with iWear, meaning the content for the HMD will increase greatly compared to what it currently offers.

    Now that there will be integration of one of the most popular VR content platform, there is an addition of 200 VR titles for the iWear HMD. With its head tracking tech, players will be able to nod to begin playing with no controller input required. There is a question of whether or not the games would be  fully playable, but it has also been said that there will be compatibility with most controllers, although it’s not clear which ones.

    “By adding SteamVR support to our iWear Video Headphones, we open up a new world of games for our customers,” said Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vuzix in a press release. “This makes it very compelling not only for distribution partners around the globe, but vastly gives our end-users another reason to embrace Vuzix technology. We had already begun to build a compelling library of game titles, but with SteamVR, we have expanded that library geometrically.”

    For those with the iWear HMD, all that’s needed is a driver download from the Vuzix website, where there are also drivers for AMD and NVIDIA, as well as the basic Vuzix iWear package.

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