VRTGO Labs Launches Europe’s First VR and AR “Centre of Excellence”

    There is an understanding of how important identifying key figures and bringing together the whole virtual reality (VR) community is to the success and growth of the industry, and so VRTGO has curated its own VRTGO Labs that brings together Europe’s first VR and augmented reality (AR) showcase with chances to network.

    This event will bring together exhibitors and those interested or developing in VR and AR outside of the usual location of the country’s capital. On the Eventbrite page, the organisers said: “We are proud to be home to some of the world’s leading VR and AR companies and we want to share with you our vision. The evening will be a show case of some of the best VR, AR and immersive tech experiences, as well as a chance to network and find out more about VRTGO Labs.”

    The exhibitors that are currently listed to take part in this new venture are Coatsink, developers of Esper and Esper 2, Animmersion, 3D animation, visualisation, and technology company, Wolf and Wood who created A Chair in a Room, Luminous Group, who deals with digital and VR architecture, Superhead Interactive, and Vector 76, a company with a background of AAA title developers who have come together to create new VR content.

    The agenda incorporates a lot of free roaming for attendees to get what they want out of the event, as only 45 minutes is lead by VRTGO with the other three hours open to demos, food and drink, and chances to network.

    This event will take place on 6th July at St Mary’s Heritage Centre  in Gateshead, UK, from 6pm til 9pm, and it is free to register.

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