VRDC Session Highlight: Crytek on ‘Real Audio’ in VR

    Crytek has already confirmed one talk for this year’s Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) and Game Developers Conference (GDC) from 14th – 18th March. The Crysis developer and CryEngine creator will be talking about building 3D UI for VR videogames. Now it’s been confirmed that the studio will be hosting another talk, this time on VR audio. Audio Directors Florian Fuesslin and Simon Pressey will be hosting a session titled ‘Virtual Reality and Real Audio‘ at the show.

    Robinson: The Journey screenshot

    “Immersive audio for VR, the old set of ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ used in 2D design is being replaced with 3D audio a true paradigm shift,” an official description reads.

    “Audio must ‘Make and not Break’ immersion. After years of 2D, 360 degree sound, 50% of what has been done in audio no longer works and a new approach is needed.

    “The speakers will explain and demonstrate new design techniques, developed in VR demonstration projects that have been adopted in AAA-VR project (to be announced pre VRDC). Share experience of asset creation, implementation and mixing in a 3D binaural audio environment.”

    The teased AAA-VR project is presumably either The Climb for the Oculus Rift or Robinson: The Journey for PlayStation VR. VRFocus will keep track of Crytek’s work in VR, bringing you the latest on it.


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