VR Party Game (Cardboard)

    This app turns your VR cardboard or any VR-goggles into a mind twisting party game that all your friends will love!

    This is a genial app that makes a single cardboard incredibly fun for everyone at your party. Put the cardboard or VR-goggles on your friends and ask them to do the simplest task, they will stumble around, walk the opposite direction and totally fail to navigate while everyone around will have a fun time.
    With two or more Cardboards, you can arrange a competition.

    This app use the front camera to mess up your normal view with:
    1. Mirror view
    2. Turn back time with 0.5s, 1s, 1,5s or even 2 seconds (Delay view)
    3. Upside down view

    If you think this sound easy? THEN THINK AGAIN. Your brain will have a hard time trying to find out what just happened.

    Put the cardboard on a friend and choose between these three crazy experiences that will make the brain struggle to find out what the h*** is going on. This is a funny party game that everyone will love and they will laugh on the behalf of the user.

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