VR Documentary Happyland360 Uncovers Slums in Manila

    Filmed in a slum in Manila, Philippines, Happyland360, a short documentary by Singapore-based production studio VOSTOKVR in collaboration with V3RA and supported by Carl ZIESS, launches today.

    Directed by VOSTOKVR’s Vitaly Nechaev, Happyland is the name of a toxic dumpsite 20 minutes away from Manila central business district and luxurious shopping malls. The film covers the lives of the 40,000 people that live and survive there, 2/3rd’s of them children. The area used to be a fishing village, then the city began dump its rubbish there. The fishermen then became rubbish scavengers, as Manila Bay became poisonous and toxic.

    Happyland360 unveils footage that has never shown before, as photo shooting is generally prohibited in this area. It shines a light on this community. Together with famous Tagalog singer and YouTube star Anna Rabtsun, the project will stage a free concert for the kids living there. During the documentary viewers will meet five people who care about Happyland and learn about their vision & mission.

    The project used six GoPro Black cameras on a 360-degree rig and is the first in a planned series of 360-degree documentary projects in the region, coveing modern challenges in Asia.

    VRFocus will continue to follow the latest project announcements from VOSTOKVR as details are released.


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