VR Car – Cardboard

    Do you want a luxury car ride on roads moving around mountains and sea? Roads going under mountain caves & bridges over sea?
    Here comes a special VR Car drive for you… experience yourself riding in luxury car driving on roads going around big mountains crosses Light House, filling stations, over-taking different cars on road … using Google Cardboard glasses

    How to set things:

    + Play the VR Car demo on your smartphone
    + Put the Smartphone in Google cardboard glasses housing
    + Align your phone in center
    + Check for blurriness… rotate lens for proper focus
    + Wear your Google glasses and enjoy luxury drive

    Modes of Demo:
    There are 2 modes to view the demo
    1- VR Mode (requires Google Cardboard Glasses)
    2- Single View

    There are 2 controllers to view the demo
    1- With Gyroscope (Requires Gyroscope Sensor in your device)
    2- Touch Swipe (If you don’t have Gyroscope Sensor… switch to Touch Swipe Option … now you can enjoy the demo with touch & swipe) – Works for Single View

    Movement Controls:
    + Enjoy luxury Mountain auto drive and explore the surroundings
    + Look around from car windows as you look around sitting in your own luxury VR Car – Give it a try, it is your call!

    Key Features:
    + Amazingly view of Mountain view in virtual reality
    + Realistic sounds
    + Awesome luxury car drive gives you pleasure of going through roads, in the tunnels, on the bridges over the sea, crossing filling stations & light House
    + Easy control, just look around and enjoy
    + Unique virtual reality (VR) theme park simulator
    + Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as Google Cardboard VR

    VR Car – Cardboard
    VR Car – Cardboard
    VR Car – Cardboard
    VR Car – Cardboard
    VR Car – Cardboard
    VR Car – Cardboard
    VR Car – Cardboard