Vive SDK Reveals ‘Viveport’ Online Store

    Oculus VR is currently preparing its own digital store to host content for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), much like the one it already has set for up the Gear VR. Meanwhile the kit’s main rival, the HTC Vive, had been expected to offer all of its own content through Steam given that the kit has been created by Valve and its SteamVR system. It appears that this won’t be the only place to pick up content for the device, however, as HTC itself looks to be preparing its own online store named ‘HTC Viveport’.

    Uncovered by a Reddit user looking into the new HTC Vive DRM SDK, one page of a new document mentions that developers will publish their content to the HTC Viveport. The page in question notes that content put here will be ‘protected’ by the Vive DRM SDK, which consists of a client-side SDK, an HTC Account and a DRM cloud service. A user will then have to have an HTC account to launch content from the store. Said content will then send an authentication request to the DRM cloud service, getting permission to boot it up.

    It would appear that this store will run alongside Steam itself, as it’s already possible to purchase HTC Vive compatible content such as Crystal Rift from Valve’s popular store. The HTC Vive will be arriving in April 2016, with pre-orders for the kit going live next February. This week a set of leaks have seemingly revealed the next version of the device, which could well resemble the developer kits that will be sent out to studios in January. A final price for the device is yet to be set, though fans should hopefully find this out in the near future.

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