Visualise: Rift Could Have ‘slight edge’ over PSVR at First

    The Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) is now less than two months away from making its first shipments on 28th March 2016. It shouldn’t be too much longer after that that the PlayStation VR HMD for PlayStation 4 goes on sale too, as it’s currently pegged for a H1 2016 release. But how will the two kits perform in the market? According to a developer at UK-based VR and 360 degree content company, Visualise, the Oculus Rift could have a ‘slight edge’ over Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) system at first.

    The company’s Sam Trudgian said as much to the Daily Star. “I believe that initially Oculus will have a slight edge over PSVR because of the gaming market that will be exposed to each release,” he explained. “Followers of Oculus are followers of VR and, for Sony, it’s quite the opposite as their fans are fans of the content hosted on PlayStation consoles.

    “Another factor to take into consideration is the price range of the release and previous investments into each company’s tech. Consumers of the PS4 have already invested in a console and games to play, some of which were also last gen titles, at next gen prices. The Oculus market however is waiting for the right time and unless their followers have bought a dev kit previously, they’ve only spent time researching when the new kit arrives.

    “This is not to underestimate the secondary burst of interest which will come after the initial release of the PSVR. When shown its potential, it could potentially leapfrog Oculus as the PS4 market is significantly larger and has dedicated social elements in place.”

    The Oculus Rift costs $599 USD, though that doesn’t include the powerful PC needed to run the device, which start just below $1,000. Bundles for the kit and an Oculus Ready PC – officially curated by Oculus VR – start at $1,500. PlayStation VR, meanwhile, is yet to set a solid price but the console needed to run it costs around $350.

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