Vektron Revenge Arrives on Gear VR

    Over the last week developers have been busy releasing more experiences for Samsung’s Gear VR mobile virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). The headset has seen ConvrgeVR launching a beta of its social communication app Convrge and Peter Fisher’s Cityscape Repairman as a couple of examples. Now developer Ludovic Texier has unveiled new title, Vektron Revenge.

    Vektron Revenge is styled as an old school shooter designed specifically for VR, where players will need to avoid and destroy waves of enemies in this 360 degree environment. Dodge obstacles that fly at you and use the weapons in your arsenal like shooting spray of the Revenge power up to clear out the levels of the toughest enemies.

    The title is all about the high score and faster the waves are cleared the larger the wave bonus will be. Vektron Revenge features collectable blue pills dropped by enemies to increase scores but collecting them could mean the difference between success and failure.

    Available now to download for $2.99 USD for the Oculus Store, Vektron Revenge doesn’t require a gamepad to play, so if you haven’t picked one up yet you can still dive straight in.

    VRFocus will be continuing its coverage of all of the Gear VR’s latest releases as they’re revealed.


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