Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Screenshots Released

    Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE’s) kicked off Paris Games Week (PGW) with a press conference today announcing lots of new information for its PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD). Under development by Supermassive Games is the newly announced virtual reality (VR) title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Now via the PlayStation blog, the first screenshots have been released.

    Simon Harris and an Executive Producer over at Supermassive Games has said on the blog that Until Dawn: Rush of Blood has been developed exclusively for PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4. Harris writing about the title says: “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a descent into madness, taking you on a terrifying rollercoaster ride of thrills and scares in a fast-paced arcade-style shooter.”

    “When we first started working on Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, we were still in the middle of development on Until Dawn, but it was clear to us that the world and characters we were creating would be perfect to expand into new experiences. As we established compelling gameplay for VR, we were able to combine that with a journey through many familiar aspects of Blackwood Pines, but from a horrifying new perspective! Playing Until Dawn: Rush of Blood in VR is incredibly different to playing games of a similar genre in the traditional method of sitting in front of a TV screen, so we’re looking forward to seeing how players react!”

    VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest news and announcements from PGW on the PlayStation VR HMD.

    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Screenshots Released Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Screenshots Released


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