Unleash your inner drummer in The Music Room on HTC Vive

    Virtual reality (VR) isn’t just an entertainment medium, it can also be very creative, giving users new ways to express their talents. There are plenty of building/painting apps on the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), such as Tilt Brush, ScupltrVR and Modbox, but not many designed for music. Launching in July 2016 for the headset is The Music Room from Chroma Coda, giving users access to multiple instruments and locations to play in.

    The Music Room features drums, laser harp, pedal steel guitar and the developers own unique chord harp. Choma Coda also got four of the largest drum companies: Pearl, Ludwig, Gretsch and DW onboard for the project. As the video below details, sit down at a set of drums or the vertical laser harp and start playing away.

    And to give that extra air of authenticity the studio has scanned several locations to play in, not only for the look but also for the sound. So you can play at Cherry Bar in Melbourne, Australia or the Bakehouse Studio, a rehearsal room used by Elvis Costello, Tool and Nick Cave or a stage used by The Beatles, and they’ll all have their own unique sound.

    Also included with The Music Room will be Bitwig 8-track, a piece of software used for live performances and in the studio. So instruments can be sequenced, looped, presets changed, alter device settings and a whole lot more.

    And for VR enthusiasts that know about music The Music Room also serves as a MIDI controller, outputting traditional MIDI as well as the newer MPE standard. This gives creative control over, pitch, volume, timbre and more per note.

    While support for HTC Vive is from next month, Chroma Coda will also bring The Music Room to other platforms. Support for both Oculus Rift using Oculus Touch and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR will come when the devices launch later this year.

    For all the latest news on The Music Room keep reading VRFocus.

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