Unity Committed to Google’s Daydream

    During the second day at Google I/O 2016 there was further information shared on the details of Google’s Daydream. Unity took to the stage to show its partnership and support for Google’s newest head-mounted display (HMD), sharing some statistics that carry heavier implications for the prospects of it.

    John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity, made it clear that the development platform is behind the arrival and establishment of Google’s stance in VR, saying: “We’re very much aware of Google’s roadmap in VR and intend to be there and are there every step of the way.” The CEO also made two points that outline what Unity as a whole feel about VR and its progression with Daydream in mind.

    The first point was that VR is going to be led by mobile rather than PC or console, and this is explained by the sheer amount of users with mobile phones which according to Riccitiello is double that of those with PCs. The second point made was the full reach of VR: “I don’t believe that VR is going to be about games, or, y’know, simple shopping apps. I think it’s litterally going to extend the human experience.”

    One point that Riccitiello made that reflects the impact Unity is planning to make on Daydream and VR as a whole is that the platform has always been focused on “the mission of democracy”, and in this mission he comments that with the 5.5 million developers registered with the platform it is a “very serious scale” of development freedom for potentially mobile VR.

    Although Unity isn’t able to support development for Daydream just yet, it was shared during the presentation that integration with the development platform will happen soon enough in Summer 2016.

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