Unearth the Carnage in Dig 4 Destruction

    The first virtual reality (VR) Steam release this week for HTC Vive comes from COLOPL Inc. in the form of Dig 4 Destruction.

    Dig 4 Destruction is a first-person deathmatch arena shooter where players aren’t given weapons to take out their opponents, they have to dig for them. Set in an underground world made of cubes, Dig 4 Destruction is a lighted-hearted take on the FPS genre, where players can choose an assortment of gloves and masks to customise their characters before heading out into the 4-player online arena. So whether you want to be a wolf, cat, rabbit, teddy bear, chicken or any thing else there’s something for everyone. And regular players will be rewarded with more options, logging in everyday unlocks more masks and gloves.

    While there is single-player, Dig 4 Destruction is all about the frantic 4-player deathmatches. These are an intense free for all where gamers will need to keep their wits about them searching for better weapons, all the while looking out for the other players.

    Adding a social element to the proceedings Dig 4 Destruction has a match waiting room, in which players can chat to each other prior to battle, get in a bit of target practice at the garage firing range, take photos, light fireworks or even play a game of chess before waging war against each other.

    Dig 4 Destruction has launched with a 30 percent discount available until 21st August, 2016. This drops the price from £8.99 GBP down to £6.29, for those early adopters. As the videogame is compatible with the head-mounted displays (HMDs) Room Scale tracking system the studio does suggest a minimum play area of 2m x 2m.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Steam, reporting back with the latest VR releases and updates.