New Mortal Blitz VR PlayStation VR Gameplay Details Revealed

    Following the release of a brand new gameplay trailer for the PlayStation VR version of Mortal Blitz VR, Skonec Entertainment has revealed further details on the gameplay seen in the forthcoming videogame. Mortal Blitz VR is set to launch alongside the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) later this year, and with it will bring a unique first-person shooter (FPS) experience to the PlayStation 4.

    A new demonstration version of Mortal Blitz VR for PlayStation VR was made available last month during the Ani-Com & Games event, 29th – 31st July 2016, Hong Kong. Making its public debut for the first time, Mortal Blitz VR was hosted on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) official booth at the event.

    Within this demo, Skonec Entertainment revealed a brand new gameplay mechanic: an Anti-Gravity Control (AGC) system. Well received by participants at the event, the AGC system allows players to take a different approach to combat with movement not restricted to locomotion. Furthermore, the uncoupled weapon control system previously revealed by VRFocus was showcased for the first time, offering positional tracking of the PlayStation Move controllers for shooting at multiple targets.

    Skonec Entertainment has previously confirmed to VRFocus that Mortal Blitz VR will launch alongside the PlayStation VR internationally, which is currently scheduled to arrive on 13th October 2016. No price point has yet been announced for Mortal Blitz VR, but VRFocus will be certain to keep you updated with all the latest details on this growing VR franchise.