Ubisoft Details First Footage of Star Trek: Bridge Crew at E3

    Global publisher Ubisoft is part way through its pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press conference in Los Angeles, and has already revealed live multiplayer gameplay of Eagle Flight with players including Oculus’ founder Palmer Luckey. Afterwards host Aisha Tyler then introduced the developer’s next virtual reality (VR) project Star Trek: Bridge Crew, with Levar Burton (Next Generation’s Jordi LaForge) taking to the stage.

    Star Trek: Bridge Crew got announced a couple of days ago via Ubisoft’s Twitter page, but today showcased the first in-game footage with Burton, Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), and Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy in the reboot films) playing.

    Burton starts by saying: “This is amazing. When I walked in I really wasn’t sure what I was actually walking into. If I could have imagined what I would have wanted the Star Trek VR game to be, this is it! This is what we’ve been waiting for.” While Urban states: “That was a truly extraordinary experience, to be fully encompassed in a world.”

    Being developed by Red Storm Entertainment, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a four player experience players will be able to take on the roles of Captain, Engineer, Tactical Officer, or Helm Officer on the Aegis Starship. Players then work cooperatively to complete story focused missions.

    Red Storm creative director, David Votypka said: “The game is more about how you and your crew approach situations. It’s not binary. Is it more important to save the Vulcan scientists or rescue everyone on the planet? It might be too difficult to do both. It’s just like the show. There’s not any one right answer.”

    The title will offer multiplatform support, coming to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMDs). The video also showcases the Oculus Touch wireless positional tracked-controllers, the devices which are due to launch later in 2016.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Ubisoft, reporting back with any further announcements.

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