The headset is important, but the key to any enjoyable virtual reality (VR) experience is a good PC. Oculus is bringing you even more choice when it comes to choosing one with a new range of Oculus Ready PCs.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Oculus has announced┬áit’s releasing five Oculus Ready PCs to its line from Alienware, Lenovo, and HP.

From HP comes the OMEN Desktop, featuring an Intel I7-6700 CPU and an AMD R9 390X GPU, alongside 16 GB of memory and 1 TB of storage. The OMEN is scheduled for an August 2016 release though there’s no price available just yet.

From Lenovo comes the Ideacentre Y700 sporting an Intel i5 6600 CPU, with the NVIDIA GTX 970, 16 GB of memory and 1TB of storage. The Ideacentre doesn’t have an exact launch date but it does have a price, set to cost $1249.99.

Alienware is bringing three desktops to the table with the Aurora line, each launching at a different price. The two lower priced options will be $1099.99 and $1299.99 for which you’ll get the NV 970 Gfx GPU as well as 8GB memory and 1 TB of storage. The only difference between the two is that the $1099.99 model will feature Intel Core i5 and the more expensive model will use Intel Core i7. The most premium model will cost $1649.99, with Intel Core i7, the NV 980 Gfx and more memory at 16 GB, as well as the 1 TB of storage.

The Aurora line doesn’t have a firm release date just yet but keep reading VRFocus for more news on the Oculus Ready PCs as it becomes available.

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