Two Big Ears 3Dception Spatial Workstation Now Live

    VRFocus reported earlier this week Scottish software company Two Big Ears launching its 3Dception Spatial Workstation, a complete audio pipeline for cinematic VR. Today the developer has announced that the software’s dedicated micro-site is now live.

    Creating 3D audio for 360 degree VR experiences can be a challenging process, and Two Big Ears is aiming to simplify the process with the 3Dception Spatial Workstation software.

    The software is designed as a single solution that augments existing workflows, allowing sound designers to author sounds inside Digital Audio Workstations, preview the spatial audio mix for 360 videos on the Oculus Rift or desktop in real-time and render the whole soundscape in real-time based on the head-tracking data from the user. The rendering engine is completely cross platform and helps create rich and detailed soundscapes across desktop and mobile operating systems. The audio experiences that are created perfectly match what the viewer is seeing.

    The micro-site can be found at The software isn’t instantly purchasable, with Two Big Ears asking users to contact them in the first instance to discuss their requirements.

    VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest news and announcements on from Two Big Ears, reporting back any further updates.


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