Tryout Periodonica with a Free Demo on HTC Vive

    Just over a week ago VRFocus reported on Steam Early Access sports title Periodonica launching for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). The videogame has two sports available currently, Baseball and Bowling, with more on the way. Today though, developer Jumping Lamas has now released a free demo so gamers can try-before-they-buy the content.  

    The reason behind Jumping Lamas decision to launch a demo version was detailed in a post saying: “Thank you for your constructive feedback for Periodonica. We want to let your proposals and suggestions flow into the developing process. For the next few weeks we plan a bigger update for Periodonica which includes some points of your feedback. Therefore we ask for your patience. Following your wish, we offer a demo version of Periodonica on Steam on May 17, 06:00 am CEST. You can play Bowling in endless mode.”

    Reviews posted by Steam users have been less than favourable, with most citing the high price of £22.99 GBP in relation to the content available as the main negative towards the Early Access title. There was a limited time discount available dropping the price down by 33 percent but that ended a few days ago.

    The studio does address these concerns adding: “Please do not forget that Periodonica is still Early Access and some adjustments still have to be made. Moreover, Bowling will not be the only game which will be released with Periodonica. In addition to the mentioned game we will provide Baseball, Archery and Frisbee. After release a free Olympic-DLC with Curling, Golf, Handball and Tennis will follow.”

    Each sport has its own themed area with the bowling taking place under the sea, the pins located in a giant clam shell, while baseball is situated in a canyon on floating platforms.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Periodonica, reporting back with any further updates.