Tronik Racing Seeks Steam Greenlight Support

    When it comes to racing titles on virtual reality (VR) usually you’d expect to see something that puts players in the driving seat, attempting to draw them in with the most advanced and realistic visuals possible to make them feel like they’re really in the front seat of a racing car. Tronik Racing, a VR title currently seeking support from the Steam Greenlight community, has decided to take the road slightly less travelled.

    Rather than immerse players in realism, Tronik Racing is a car title that has classic arcade visuals and uses the third person rather than the first person we’ve come to expect. The videogame really only has one objective: go faster. There doesn’t appear to be any multiplayer element, no AI cars to race in a single player mode, it’s just you and your tiny racing car collecting as many orange cubes to go as fast as possible, avoiding and destroying drones on the road that will try to make you crash. The longer you can avoid the drones, the more cubes you can collect, and the more cubes you collect the faster you go leading to a curiously frenzied journey down a straight road.

    Tronik Racing has been created for Oculus Rift and though the developer hasn’t revealed any plans for how and if they intend to add to the game or develop it further should it pass its campaign, it’s certainly interesting to see the retro arcade visuals in VR.

    VRFocus will follow the progress of Tronik Racing’s campaign and report more details as they emerge.