TINY PLANETS! Insta360 Air rendered with different views *NOT 360 Video

The Insta360 Studio software lets you keyframe different viewing options for your 360 video. It’s very easy to use if you’ve ever worked with keyframes.

The final output is a “flat” normal video, but you are able to do some crazy interesting things with the 360 footage. You’ll notice that the image quality seems much better than the normal 360 footage was, that is because I’m able to make the viewing angle wider (think like a wide angle lens) which crams much more pixels in the frame than YouTube’s field of view.

I really wish FaceBook and YouTube will allow the creator to set the field of view of the videos, or at least allow viewers to adjust it to their liking. Hopefully soon.

Let me know what you think! The only audio is my footsteps and the wind so I’m using music to cover it up.