The Vrse App Welcomes The Vodou Healer


    The Vrse app has received a new film experience for you to get involved in, courtesy of and Academy Award nominated filmmaker Lucy Walker who was also responsible for another title A History of Cuban Dance.

    In The Vodou Healer you follow in the footsteps of Katy, a second generation vodou princess. Six years after a devastating earthquake hit her home of Haiti, leaving 160,000 dead and left over a million homeless Katy continues in her efforts to bring the community back together again. Preparing to summon the spirits of those lost for a traditional Haitan all-night celebration of the dead.

    The film, which gives an insight into the traditions and rituals of vodou is available now on the Vrse app, which in turn is available on Apple iTunes, the Google Play store and the Oculus Gear VR store.

    VRFocus will of course bring you more news in relation to the virtual reality (VR) films when we have it.