The VRcade Challenge Looks To Show An Arcade Classic Some Love

    When it comes to gaming in Virtual Reality one of the topics that often fall into two paths of discussion: new games – titles, franchises, play mechanics, etc. And old games – reinvention, bringing back defunct or classic series and how VR could bring titles to the next level or in any other way improve the experience. It’s something VRFocus itself has previously delved into with our ‘Make It A (Virtual) Reality’ series.

    In comparison between the two however the nostalgia of the old will always have something of a power of the possibilities of the new. Which is why when studios or individuals revisit old ideas they resonate so well. A recent example of this was with the creation of a VR version of Nintendo classic Duck Hunt. In fact there are several versions of Duck Hunt now for different HMDs, one of which is by VRcade who have just announced a retro-themed VR initiative.

    Over the next month VRcade will be running ‘The VRcade Challenge’, where the team is asking the public to submit their favourite classic arcade games which they would like to see remade with a virtual reality twist. After 4 weeks a shortlist of five will be put up for public voting after which the winner will be created for Steam.

    “In the end, we love to create and entertain people with our game.” VRcade told us.

    If you would like to enter the challenge you can do so at VRFocus will bring you updates as the initiative progresses.