The Molecule Celebrates 10 Years of VRX, Motion Graphics and VR

    The Molecule, a leader in the visual effects industry, celebrated its 10-year anniversary at Amity Hall in New York City last week. In 2015 so far The Molecule has worked on 29 TV series, 10 studio features, 13 indie features, 21 commercials, and 8 virtual reality (VR) projects the company states.

    The Molecule began in 2005 with three employees, finding a foothold in the booming New York post-production industry. The company has since expanded to Los Angeles, California and now employ over 50 artists. It’s still focused on New York, and continues pursuing new ventures include developing techniques for VR finishing.

    Molecule Partners

    “Ten years ago we had a vision of making an influence in the Visual Effects community, and it’s incredible to see that becoming a reality,” said Molecule CEO Chris Healer in a statement.  Andrew Bly, Principal and Executive Producer at The Molecule, said about the industry’s growth, “New York went from having a handful of television shows and a few indie features to now having more projects than we could have ever dreamed of. With all the help from our local government, we’ve had a front row seat to watching the city and state become a desired location for post-production.”

    Currently The Molecule hasn’t revealed what VR projects it has worked on, only saying in its blog that it has collaborated on several projects with Supersphere Productions.

    VRFocus will be following any new announcements from The Molecule on its VR projects, reporting back any further details.


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