The Grand Canyon VR Experience Now Supports HTC Vive

    Back in October 2015 virtual reality (VR) studio Immersive Entertainment launched a new exploration title named The Grand Canyon VR Experience on Steam’s Early Access system. As the name suggests, the title allows players to explore the legendary landmark using head-mounted displays (HMDs). Until now only those using the Oculus Rift’s second development kit (DK2) have been able to experience the title in VR. Now, however, Immersive Entertainment has also added the previously promised support HTC and Valve’s SteamVR device, the HTC Vive. A video showcasing the support can currently be seen below.

    Patch 1.05 brings support for the HTC Vive and more. The in-depth video showcases the title’s integration with the upcoming device. That includes support for the position-tracked SteamVR controllers. Here players are able to realistically wield paddles to move a paddle board – which replaces the kayak for seated VR – and use different speeds will control just how fast they move. This turns the experience into a standing one. The controls can also be used to control a flashlight in the dark. Future support will also allow players to throw objects such a breadcrumbs to feed fish and more.

    Elsewhere, Immersive Entertainment has ‘completely revamped’ its quality settings system for The Grand Canyon VR Experience, allowing players to experiment and find the best setup for their PC. There are also ‘various performance enhancements’ that include support for Oculus VR’s latest software development kit (SDK), 0.8. Finally, the developer also notes that the latest update contains some small bug fixes and some minor environment tweaks. It’s not yet clear if the developer still plans to release the full version of the title this month as originally stated.

    VRFocus will continue to follow The Grand Canyon VR Experience closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.


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