Testronic Opens First VR Test Center in US

    Quality assurance and localization service specialist Testronic has announced the opening of its first US-based virtual reality (VR) test centre.

    Located at its US headquarters in Burbank, California the VR focused test centre can be utilised by studios and developers to make full use of Testronics services to ensure their products are suitable for distribution.

    “A great service company must always stay ahead of its clients’ needs,” said Jason Gish, senior VP Film & Television for Testronic. “This requires being at the cutting edge of consumer technology in order to provide the industry with the highest quality service offerings.

    “Virtual reality is going to have a huge impact in entertainment, and Testronic is here to ensure consumers get the best experience. This is an exceptionally complex technology, requiring a new and innovative test approach that utilizes Testronic’s unique depth of experience across games, apps, software, film and television. We are excited and ready to take on the challenge.”

    This is the second VR testing facility Testronic has opened this year with a operation already up and running in Warsaw, Poland, working on a number of titles.

    “Consumer VR is in its infancy and nobody knows what it will become years from now,” continued Gish. “We are only beginning to see some of its potential in a variety of industries. As VR evolves, consumer expectations will grow, requiring more exploratory and inventive QC processes. VR content must be robust, compliant, and deployable across a variety of apps and devices. Testing VR content has unique requirements, and the integrity of VR content is crucial to its functionality. It is critical to have an understanding of aspects like head tracking, and other core VR functions, in order to develop a thorough test approach. Issues in VR can not only take you out of the experience, but can cause simulator sickness. Beyond testing for the usual bugs and functionality imperfections, VR is deeply rooted in user experience and Testronic’s test approach reflects that understanding.”

    Services such as Testronic’s can only help to bolster the growing VR industry, and as the company continues to build a greater focus on VR, VRFocus will bring you the latest details.

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