Life In 360°: Taking In The Dizzying Heights of City Skylines

    For those with a fear of heights scrabbling across towering skyscrapers, massive cranes and other objects hundreds of feet in the air isn’t exactly a fun experience. But for the few and growing number of urban explorers there’s nothing like risking life and limb to navigate up to these incredible heights, witnessing viewpoints rarely seen by any in the middle of big cities.

    Today’s 360-degree video comes by way of Red Bull TV and its URBEX: Enter at Your Own Risk series, following these intrepid explorers as they ascend these heights with no aid, just their honed climbing skills and a 360-degree camera for others to enjoy the ride.

    The video takes viewers to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where the extreme climbers assail an unfinished bridge to do a handstand on one of the giant cables. Then heading to Moscow, Russia to follow another guy exploring an abandoned building with sheer drops through the centre.

    Take a look at the video if you’re a fan of these dangerous feats of human endurance. VRFocus will bring you another Life In 360° this Friday.

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