Tek Gear Release First No-Cost VR Headset FreeHMD

    It’s no secret that the phenomenon of free mobile head-mounted displays (HMD) is one of the biggest accelerators for virtual reality (VR) mainstream adoption, with the likes of Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and OnePlus Loop as shining examples of this. Now it has been announced today that there is a permanently free HMD, suitably called FreeHMD, available to get a hold of.

    FreeHMD is the world’s first free VR HMD, and it comes from the canadian tech developers Tek Gear, and this is all part of its VR For Everyone campaign. FreeHMD is said to be lightweight and “extremely user friendly”, with optic adjusted to fit the majority of people. The HMD itself looks very much like the Gear VR, but is more hollow and has more basic buttons and controls on the side to adjust visuals.

    “We’ve been in the VR business for over 24 years, delivering high end immersive solutions to military, medical, industrial and research institutions worldwide.  Most of the VR products we sell are priced quite high and out of reach of the VR enthusiast.” Said Tony Havelka, Tek Gear President in a press release. “The promise of a low cost HMD has faded with the recent launch of entry level consumer VR headsets. With starting prices of $600 and as high as $1,200, this is well out of reach of the average consumer.  Our experience in the VR industry has shown us that, in order to get a consumer grade VR headset to market, it must have a much lower cost.  There’s nothing lower cost than $0 – so that’s where we set the price.”

    Right now, however, it seems as though the site is temporarily down, but when it returns it shall have the HMDs ready to purchase for a very kind £0 (GBP, or any currency for that matter).

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