Teaser Trailer Showcases EVERSPACE Beta Footage

    ROCKFISH Games launched an exclusive Beta testing phase for its roguelike space shooter EVERSPACE on Friday. The title supports the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMDs) and anyone could sign-up by going to the official website. Today’s the last day if you want to be part of the development process, and to tempt players the studio has released a trailer for the beta.

    The trailer has been released to showcase the all-new rocky asteroids, improved space clouds and sun flares, a new swarm type of enemy, and a massive alien frigate.

    The EVERSPACE Beta has two brand new sectors for players to experience after working their way through the first four, with each area featuring a wider variety of enemies, natural hazards, planet types, and space stations.

    To make sure players can handle the new hazards and enemies in store the arsenal of weapons, devices, and consumables has been expanded, to expand the gameplay even further.

    In April the closed alpha began, spanning three months. In that time over 4,000 backers tested EVERSPACE, and Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games commented: “We are super stoked about the fantastic feedback from our Alpha backers. We also got lots of great new ideas and suggestions from the community which we were able to implement into the Beta to a large extent. We cannot wait to see how the over 200 new features, tweaks and bug fixes since the initial Alpha release will be received,”

    Head to the official website to sign up. For all the latest news on EVERSPACE, keep reading VRFocus.