Take the Reins in Starters Orders 6 Horse Racing for Oculus Rift

    Sport management videogames have always held a certain popularity with gamers over the years, being able to go in-depth and control countless facets of your favourite activities. But virtual reality (VR) hasn’t really featured any such title until now. Released today via Steam for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) is Starters Orders 6 Horse Racing for fans of the sport.

    The latest release in the long running horse racing management game series ‘Starters Orders’, Starters Orders 6 Horse Racing allows players to build up stables, breed new horses and then compete in races around the world. Win races and use the prize money to buy new horses at the sales and boost funds by studying the form and betting on races.

    For the VR element, player will be able to jump in the saddle and race their own horses using the Oculus Rift, rather than letting another jockey take the reins.

    Other features include: realistic simulated races, detailed form cards and race cards with accurate betting markets, group races, claiming races, Handicap’s, selling races, listed races, stewards enquiries, blocked runs, disqualifications, fallers, unseated rider, accurate handicapping, turf and dirt racing.

    Developer Strategic Designs Ltd also offers a limited time discount for Starters Orders 6 Horse Racing. Not tied in with the Steam Summer Sale you can currently get a 25 percent discount on the regular price of £29.99 GBP, dropping the cost down to £22.49 until 6th July 2016.

    VRFocus will continue reporting on the latest VR releases on Steam as new content arrives.