Take a Tour of the Solar System With Titans of Space 2.0 Out For Rift and Vive

    Space has been a topic of much interest when it comes to virtual reality (VR) as it can allow viewers to explore something that they perhaps could never even dream of coming close to. Titans of Space 2.0 lets VR-users to explore space in their own time and it is now out on both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMD).

    The videogame takes players on a “deep-dive tour” through space, and also hints a bit of danger as it warns “if you dare”. The VR experience aims to give a realistic look into the solar system, taking advantage of spatial awareness that is felt in VR, including dynamic music, and “exciting authentic visuals that we are otherwise unlikely to experience in our lifetimes”.

    Created by DrashVR LLC, the title is an educational Early Access title that takes real data from space agencies to recreate each planet and moon that we know of, making it so the player can experience what each planet is unique for. However, it is said that sizes and distances are intentionally unrealistic, shrunken to what the developers describe as “toy-size”, a millionth of their actual size, so the experience is easy taken in by the player.

    Encouraged to take your time, the player is taken on a tour that is ever-growing, including several modes filled with up-to-date facts. Some of the features listed are: The Classic tour, with full support for the Vive and Rift; standing support; side-by-side comparisons; gravity probe launcher; real distance viewer; and small content additions.

    There are five more major features that will be “released in regular chunks”, and “always built from the group up for VR”. The title is currently available on Steam for £5.59 GBP.

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